Guess What The BBC Is Afraid Of Most In The Light Of The Savile Scandal

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: If you’ve been following the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, you probably have already noticed how carefully the BBC politburo is trying to prevent a much bigger outrage erupting on the back of the current one.
Jimmy Savile
Yes, it’s the abysmal quality of the programmes and shows that the Corporation that receives billions of taxpayers’ money each year is wasting on pathetic content that even some banana republic would think twice of showing.

Forget the paedophilia cover up of a twisted labour supporter Savile and his mates. The very existence of the BBC could soon be questioned by lots of people, who are forced to fork out a licence fee that goes to pay huge salaries of overrated TV execs and stars who possess no talents apart from toeing politically correct agendas. In case you’re unaware of it, Tony Blair and his cronies would not have lasted ten years in power if not for the BBC and its massive brainwashing of the electorate in Labour’s favour.

No wonder hushing up of Savile’s abuse of underage girls, the ruthless code of silence that has been in operation in the BBC for many decades, preventing whistle-blowers to step forward and denounce the nasty practices existing in the Corporation. That is why the BBC PR machine is working now in full swing, trying to pretend that the Savile scandal is just a rare isolated incident and should not reflect on the good work done by the Corporation. The most frightening scenario for the BBC is the possibility of it losing its TV license. A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally – A humorous take on news and current affairs.