China Is Cosying Up To Qatar Energy.

Mehmet Ali writes from Doha: Qatar has just achieved a financial coup. It has signed an agreement with the Chinese authorities to permit its sovereign wealth fund to invest $5 billion in yuan-denominated stocks, bonds and other securities. Doha has a fund estimated at about $100 billion.
Wen Jiabao high hopes for Wiebo
No other foreign investor is permitted to invest more than $1 billion. China has just increased the amount of foreign investment in its economy from $30 billion to $80 billion. Beijing is thus keen to expand the amount of foreign investment and know how coming into the country. 
Qatar is the world’s largest producer and exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and has the third largest reserves in the world. It is also a major producer and exporter of crude oil. 
The Arab Spring and the conflict in Syria have changed the geopolitics of theMiddle East
Qatar is playing a disproportionately important role in the new politics of the region. Together with Saudi Arabia it has called for the overthrow of the President Bashar Al Assad regime in Syria.
Fuel for energy: Gas from Qatar and Middle East to China.

Qatar supports both moderate and Salafist movements throughout the Middle East. A delegation of Chinese Muslims attended a conference on Muslim Economics and Finance last December. Qatar has revolutionised broadcasting in the Middle East through its Arabic and English language programmes. However Beijing has protested about coverage of China in the media. The English language correspondent lost her accreditation after a documentary on slavery which included comments about prison labour in China. Qatar is not afraid to ruffle feathers.

A post made earlier yesterday over on Stirring Trouble Internationally find out more by checking out source (Information about ING China and Wen Jiabao )- A humorous take on news and current affairs.

English: Prime Minister David Cameron takes questions from students at Qatar University in Doha where he held a PM Direct event on the third day of his tour of the Middle East (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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