For Supposed Democracies EU Countries Sure Pack A Mean Punch When They Deal With Anti-Austerity Protests

Anton Goryunov writes from Athens: For supposed liberal democracies that should listen to the voice of their people and protect their interests the EU countries sure pack a mean punch when it comes to dealing with protests against austerity and generally keeping their people in bay.
Protests in Greece
 And the cops who are sent out in force to handle protesters seem to be really enjoying cracking down on them.

Yes, the financial meltdown and the ensuing debt crisis in the Euro Zone sure put everything in place as regards where the interests of elected and unelected European politicians lie. This is as close to the former Soviet Union and communist China as it gets.
new USSR
The huge machine that ran the Soviet Union mirrors the EU to such an extent that it is frightening. Has the world not learnt the lessons of the past?  The problem with the EU is that it is run by former communists and socialists who have never changed their ideological spots because that is how their minds work. The only encouraging thing is that all grandiose left-wing projects collapse, just like it happened with the Tower of Babel. These are extracts from a post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.

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