Asking, Cynical Like: What Is It Exactly That The West Wants To Achieve In Syria?

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Syria - What the West want to achieve in Syria
Anton Goryunov writes from Beirut: Have you ever stopped whatever it was you were doing and asked yourself: what is it exactly that the West and its allies in the Middle East want to achieve in Syria? 
You have? OK, so if you did, what sort of answers did you get? I mean, it does look really odd, doesn’t it, that the West, along with its allies in the region, are pushing for a ‘Libyan solution’, if you know what I mean: to bring down the current regime and install a new one that would probably be just as bad, if not even worse, that the current one and would probably announce the introduction of Sharia Law.

You would have thought that after the Libyan fiasco and the mayhem that has settled in there for the next decade or so, with armed gangs controlling vast territories and terrorising people, the West’s approach to the Syrian crisis would be different. You know, diplomatic efforts would be undertaken to convince President al-Assad to step down, help form an interim government that would oversee the transition to the new political arrangement. But no, the same thing is happening now with Syria as it happened with Libya: endless bull about democracy emanates from Western capitals, as if the opposition in Syria is some sort of organised political force and not a rag tag army of jihadist s and al Qaeda fighters, some of whom, by the way, have arrived from Libya.

Here are some questions and answers that would prove to you that the West has no idea what it is trying to achieve in Syria and is actually making things worse for everyone, including the Syrian people.

Question: Would regional stability benefit if a hard-line Islamist regime is established in Syria?

Answer: No, the region would become even more unstable.

Question: Would the fall of President al Assad’s regime strengthen the security of Israel?

Answer: No way. It would actually make Israel more vulnerable, just like it happened in the case of Egypt and it’s so called ‘revolution’ that resulted in Islamists taking power there.

Question: Would religious minorities in Syria numbering 2 million be spared by the new regime?

Answer: No, judging by what has happened in Iraq, Egypt and Libya and is already happening in Syria, Christians and other minority groups will be in danger.

Fighting in SyriaQuestion: Would the international jihadist movement benefit from the instalment of another hard-line Islamist regime in Syria?

Answer: Yep, no doubt about it.

Question: Would democratic values flourish in Syria with the fall of the al Assad’s regime?

Answer: Not in the next thousand years at least.

The only logical explanation that could be deduced from what is going on in and around Syria is that certain politicians, businessman and bankers in the West actually want to raise tension in the Middle East in order to distract attention from the economic crisis that ravaging the developed world. These people would actually even go as far and causing a full-blown war in the Middle East, sacrificing Israel along the way, if only to retain their grip on power and money.

Yeah, sure, I know it sounds crazy, but let’s not forget that two previous world wars were started when even less money was up for grabs.

by Alexander via Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs


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