OK, Girls, So You Say Men Think About Sex A Lot. But Why Tease Them Then?

Sex Shop Kino

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Anton Goryunov writes from Moscow: Women like to say that men think about sex much more than they do. Some chicks even claim that men think about sex every five seconds or so. The idea in this is that women are more restrained in their sexual instincts while men are basically like animals when it comes to intercourse. Some liberated females even insist that most men are potential rapists who would not think twice before mounting a woman they hardly know or don’t know at all.scantily clad woman

These scantily clad girls

I can confess that I do like to see a great looking woman from time to time. But here’s the deal: how is it that chicks, supposedly knowing about the thoroughly male horny nature, make it even more stressful for men by going round in all that revealing stuff, showing off way too much of their flesh? What is the message here, I would like to know. What is the game behind this semi-nudity and risqué fashion sense? It can’t be that women show off their assets for no reason at all, can it? There has to be something more to it.

I suspect women also think about sexual intercourse a lot. Maybe even more often than men. Maybe even most of the time. Otherwise how would you explain that they like to dress up as if they are going on the pull when they go out. And the readiness to reveal lots of flesh is there and the heavy make-up is there as well. This can’t be something unintentional, can it? It’s not as if women spend hours ‘spicing themselves up’ for no reason whatsoever. Chicks crave attention in Moscow and they show it. And it makes life even harder for men who would rather talk about football or fancy cars or politics, if it were not for all those distractions all over the place.  face mask

A women s face mask

Which brings me to the rather bizarre tendency among women to make a huge effort to look sexy and glamorous and desirable when they go out but not really bothering to tempt their men at home in the same way? Yes, that is one big mystery, if you ask me.

Any woman in a relationship, especially in a long-term one, needs to understand that her man is confronted by all that exciting imagery out there, with other females gunning for him, showing off their best parts presented in the most tempting way.

And while she herself joins the sisterhood on that ‘catwalk of life’ when she goes out herself, looking hot and desirable in front of perfect strangers, back at home she makes little or no effort to please her dominant male with some ‘creative packaging’, if you pardon the vulgar expression.

Strange, these female behavioural patterns. You would think they’d be trying hard to keep their man interested in sex. But no, it’s the males that don’t matter who get all the juicy images. Go figure, eh?

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Men and hetairai in sexual intercourse.

Men and hetairai in sexual intercourse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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