In The News In UK: Man Says Things To Another Man At A Gate. Masses Are Outraged

Andrew's out to cause mischief

 Andrew's out to cause mischief - news in UK.

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: Big, big row has erupted in Britain. A man on a bike has an argument with another man when trying to cycle out of a gated community and it becomes front page news. © Stirring Trouble Internationally Google+ Coming soon after that huge story about a woman baring her boobs while on holiday in France, the man to man verbal stand-off at the gates, dubbed Gategate by some retards in the media, is causing great excitement among hacks and members of the opposition who posses short memories and have already forgotten that they have an illegal war costing 1 million lives under their belts, a dodgy general election and a full-blown bankruptcy of the once great nation.

OK, enough with raw wit and fancy allegories. The British media has gone into another idiotic overdrive, making a big fuss out of nothing while ignoring the really big stories. Like banks ripping apart the British economy or lenders strangling millions of people with their excessive rate of interest that shames even the illegal loan sharks and drug dealers.

(Drug dealers, for example, charge around 500 per cent on their hard earned cash while perfectly legal payday loan companies can easily go up to 4000 per cent.) Anyway, two days ago the government’s Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, was cycling out of 10 Downing Street when a cop standing at the gates refused to open it and suggested to the cabinet minister to get off his bike and walk through the side gate.

Mr Mitchell, who passes through the main gate about a thousand times a day, objected to that sort of treatment and supposedly used language unbecoming of a cabinet minister to make a point. The cop stood his ground and forced him to dismount and walk through the side gate.

Then the said cop hastened to report the incident… no, not to his superiors but to the hacks of that all-important newspaper, the Sun, that splashed this non-story over its front page the next day. Was it any wonder that the incident sparked outrage on the front bench of the Labour opposition, with some of the people responsible for bankrupting Britain to a crisp and other crimes against common sense and decency, demanding Mr Mitchell’s scalp.

That odd looking bird, Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, informed the world that she was appalled by the incident, insisting that no one should be allowed to treat police officers in such a way. Ms Cooper, mind you, is wedded to a certain Ed Balls who took an active part in bankrupting Britain, but of course in her little book of priorities that pales into insignificance compared to the rough treatment of a bored cop standing at the gates, reinforcing his authority just for hack of it.

Downing Street police

Downing Street police

The chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, John Tully, has made his feelings know as well, calling on Mr Mitchell to resign. Mr Tully saw nothing wrong in his people making a few bob by sharing their hurt feelings with the Sun.

He was more concerned with the way some bloke on a bike offended his boys who were just doing their job. The Police Federation of England and Wales stuck its collective foot in the door of the controversy, stating that the outburst was especially offensive as it came barely two days after the shooting of two policewomen in Manchester.

What connection these se two incidents had, was anyone’s guess. But the Police Federation obviously thought that linking them would do wonders for the morale in the force. (How about not sending women to sort out violent burglaries, you cretins?)

Experts on non-stories in the media predict that the Gategate controversy has the potential to run for several more days, until another non-story will become a focus of the media that does its best to stay away from subjects that could be interpreted as too controversial or in any way hurtful to the feeling of the money men.

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Sir George Downing, 1st Baronet (1623-1684)

Sir George Downing, 1st Baronet (1623-1684)

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