Asking, Cynical Like: Who The Hell In Britain Supports The Labour Party?

Adam Lovejoy writes from Manchester: 

As the comrades gather in the fine city of Manchester, to beat their drum and tell everyone they are fit to govern Britain again, the question that rises its ugly head is this: who the hell supports Labour and how can it be that they supposedly enjoy a huge lead in the opinion polls?
Ed Miliband
 Image is from Zamadur International Ltd: Ed Miliband
bracing himself for power.
Some might say that the Tories have betrayed their supporters by siding with those left-wing marginal, the Liberal Democrats.

Why irreparable? Because Labour’s games with devolution have already allowed the opportunists from the Scottish National Party headed by that triple chinned chancer, Alex Salmond, to start pushing for Scottish independence.

And how about the privatisation of the NHS through the back door that Tony Blair had conducted, giving private contractors massive contracts that eventually saddled hospitals with huge debts? 24-hour drinking anyone?

Labour is dangerous for the economy
Labour is dangerous for the economy
The latest survey puts the Tories ten per cent behind Labour. It would have been great if the pollsters provided us with names and addressed of the people they interviewed and their social background and where they live. Because I personally think that pollsters are all lefties and simply invent people.
Because people are angered by the revelations of Tory links with Rupert Murdoch and his media empire then they should recall how Tony Blair and his cronies were sucking up to News International. So there’s really no big difference between them on this one. Any political party, even the fringe ones, would be better than Labour. The only hope is that many of the respondents in the latest poll said they support Labour as a joke. But if they were serious then God save Britain.

These are just some of the opinions found over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - (A humorous take on news and current affairs).
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