Three Good Reasons Why Captain Harry Wales Should Not Have Gone To Afghanistan

Prince Harry and an Apache

Prince Harry and an Apache

Ben Delicious writes from Kabul: Yeah, yeah, sure, Prince Harry is a hero these days. He’s fighting in Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot. No one knows what he actually does but it is assumed that he is helping the effort to prepare the ground for Operation Heroic Disengagement that would see NATO troops pulling out in 2014, in a dignified, slightly bullish manner,  letting the Taliban take over but not making it look like a retreat.

Prince Harry, or Captain Harry Wales, as he is also known here, has come to Afghanistan as part of his damage limitation exercise after that embarrassing incident in Las Vegas when he was photographed stark naked while frolicking with some hot chicks in his hotel suite, along with about two dozen total strangers whom he invited to pop in for a bit of harmless fun.

One of these people snapped him on his mobile and then half  the world saw him starkers, enjoying himself immensely. So after a long talk with his father, Prince Charles, and a heart-to-heart with a couple of other people who are supposed to advise him on all sorts of matters it was decided that Harry should redeem himself and go kick some Taliban butt. And off he went,  with the press this time widely informed that Captain Wales was joining the war effort.

Last time he went to Afghanistan it was all hush-hush, until a celeb website blew the story and Harry was pulled out in haste. There’s a debate – well, sort of a debate – going on whether Prince Harry should have gone to Afghanistan.  

Lots of words were said on this matter, mostly useless ones, as usual. But if you take a sober – sorry Harry – look at this whole affair, several considerations come to mind, all basically proving that the third in line to the British throne should not have gone to war. 

Afghan rebels - We's gunning for you 'Arry Afghan rebels

First of all, he should not have departed on his mission practically immediately after making a fool of himself in Vegas. It looked more like a PR stunt than an act of bravery and valour.

The images of Harry, starkers and cupping his privates in that hotel room with a naked chick beside him are still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Secondly, no one was ever in any doubt that Harry’s presence in Afghanistan would be a security risk that would put even more pressure on other servicemen there.

Doesn’t he understand himself that his so-called heroism comes at a costly price? Especially as on this occasion the Taliban actually staged a daring attack on Camp Bastion where the prince was based and later said that they wanted to capture or kill him.

Thirdly, Harry represents the Queen, whether he likes it or not. By going to Afghanistan he is providing more legitimacy to a war that is hugely unpopular. He could have gone to the Falklands, like his elder brother did, and served there proper.  

Instead, he came across as a stooge of the government that is refusing to accept that the Afghan war makes no sense.

All in all, Harry would have done better if he’d gone into PR where he could have enjoyed his recreational habits with no problems. Just look what PR did for one called Dave.

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English: Prince William of Wales & Prince Henr... English: Prince William of Wales & Prince Henry of Wales seated in horse-drawn carriage in 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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