David Cameron Says He Still Believes In The Arab Spring. Even If No One Else Does

Dave still batty about the Arab Spring
Dave is still batty about the Arab Spring

Dan Majestic writes from New York: While pretty much everyone around the world has finally figured out that the Arab Spring did not turn actually out to be what everyone had expected it to be, with Islamists cunningly using people’s power to their advantage and gaining ground all over the place, one man remains convinced that it’s all worth it. Yes, British Prime Minister David Cameron has delivered a punchy speech at the UN General Assembly and confirmed that he is still a big fan of the Arab Spring.

In  case you’ve missed the great occasion here’s what Mr Cameron had said: one year on people are saying that the Arab Spring is turning into an Arab Winter. Syria has sunk into a civil war, the economy across the region isn’t performing well and Islamist regimes spring all over the place. But let’s keep the faith and redouble our efforts to make an even bigger mess.

Well, he didn’t actually say that last bit but it sort of came out of what he was suggesting.

David Cameron on Letterman
David Cameron on Letterman

Later that same day Mr Cameron appeared on the Late Night Show with David Letterman and spelled out his vision of the new Middle East to a bunch of people who could not care less what would happen there. The British PM obviously felt that he simply had to make that appearance as his friend and most likely successor, London Mayor Boris Johnson, had done that already and was a big hit with the public. Asked later whether they enjoyed listening to Cameron several members of the audience said they didn’t really understand most of what he said because of his heavy accent but liked him generally, especially his skilfully created comb-over that is making him look a bit like young Donald Trump.

Cynically inclined observers say that PM Cameron will become even more outspoken about Syria and any other country that would fall into strife as the situation in Britain gets worse. They point to the way Mr Cameron’s idol, Tony Blair, felt he had to start wars and generally spend more time abroad when his so-called reforms of public services stalled and the economy started to go pear-shaped. Syria offers the current British PM a good hope, as the civil war there promises to escalate all the way to the next general election in 2015 in Britain.

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Arab Spring - after Friday prayers in Amman
Arab Spring - after Friday prayers in Amman (Photo credit: CharlesFred)


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