David Cameron Serious About Reviving The British Economy? You’ve Got To Be Kidding

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R.F.Wilson writes from London: So, after a government reshuffle that was not really a reshuffle but more of a cosmetic makeover, with most important cabinet posts still occupied by people who are simply not up to it, Prime Minister David Cameron is now making all sorts of noises that are intended to prove that he is finally ready to sort out the mess in the British economy.

Funnily enough, he even promised that from now on it would not only be the Treasury and the Business Department that would be breathing new life into the economy but every other branch of government as well would be contributing to the effort. As if governments are not there to look after the economy first and foremost. But seriously, if Mr David Cameron had any sense of what needs to be done to get the economy growing again he would have created the post of a cabinet minister for small businesses, with a vast budget and enough power to confront the banks and big corporations that have destroyed millions of small companies in the past 15 years.

Under Labour, small businesses were basically sacrificed for ideological reasons, as all left-wing parties have a distrust for owners of small companies as they are seen as traditional right-wing supporters who don’t fall easily for all that crap about five-year-plans, fixed targets, inflated welfare system, great benefits of unlimited immigration and diversity and other leftie slogans and ideas.

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 Tony Blair pretended to be free market oriented but in reality he undermined the very basis of the free market, the small and medium sized businesses, allowing big corporations to destroy the traditional business structure and impose their will on the markets.

Free market it sure wasn’t. Just as it had nothing to do with the free market to allow China and other emerging economies to flood Britain with cheap trashy goods that no small or medium company could compete with.

To hell with quality, the Labour commissars reckoned. As long as those small timers are going down our ideology will triumph.

Gordon Brown, who ousted Blair, continued the same policies, being a communist with a strong dislike for small business owners, so there was no surprise there.

What was surprising, though, was that when David Cameron bought his way into 10 Downing Street, having signed a pact with the devil in the face of the Liberal Democrats, he did absolutely nothing to help small businesses, even though as a supposed Tory he should have understood that small companies were essential to Britain’s economic recovery.

If anyone needed any proof that Cameron was a closet leftie, here was the biggest proof of them all.

The moment Cameron became PM he should have at once created the job of  Small Business Secretary and given him all the power in the world so that he could stand up to people like Osborne and Vince Cable who are actually working against the economy.

That would have shown that he understood how the economy works. Cameron should have also cracked hard against the banks, of course, but that was way too hard for him, especially as many of his New Tories were in bed with them, some literally.

But what do we have now?

We will see more half-measures and cheap stunts and gimmicks that are supposed to convince everyone that the government cares what happens to the British economy.

And time will be lost again, just as it happened when the coalition continued Labour’s policy of bailing out the banks instead of pumping money directly into the economy. That’s what happens when people in power have no idea how the economy works. It can only get worse really.

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