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© Stirring Trouble Internationally Google+ Freddie Matthews writes from London: There’s a whole host of new records featured in the Guinness world records Book Of Records 2013 that is available this month across the UK singles chart. The first in a rather longwinded list of brand new world records which goes to the former X-Factor, losing, boy-band One Direction.
They became the first British act to have a debut album go straight to number one in the US, with Up All Night. You see, it pays to be a loser every now and again. I mean, what the hell has Matt Cardle, the winning act of that same X-Factor series that One Direction lost to, achieved to date?

… Not much! It was a 15-year-old record dating back to 1997, which belonged to The Spice Girls. They previously held the record for the highest entry into the US album chart by a British group, when Spice entered at No.6. Despite being the overly dull One Direction, finally someone has removed, the even duller, Spice Girls from their pedestal.

Keep this up please. Amongst the other artists in line for brand new world records is unsurprisingly Great Britain’s musical sweetheart, Adele.

If selling albums were an Olympic event Adele would have 7 shiny gold medals by now as she has unbelievably broken seven world records.

They are: the first female, first UK artist and fastest to reach a million US digital sales, biggest-selling digital track in both the US and UK with Rolling in the Deep’ and biggest-selling digital album with 21 in the UK and US.

Fortunately for us we won’t ever need to see Adele try to squeeze her slightly oversize self into a lycra of any description; let alone on a running track! Madonna’s also newly into the record books.

She achieved the biggest TV audience of 114 million viewers at the Super Bowl half-time show in February. And the records keep coming this time from Lady GaGa, whose ‘Born This Way’ record was named the fastest-selling US digital album after shifting a massive 1.1 million copies in its first week alone.

That’s one hell of a record which could realistically stand for an eternity. No wonder she was featured at the closing of the London 2012 Paralympics, Rihanna became the best-selling digital artist (in the US), selling 47.57 million digital tracks in the US during her career to date.

Think about it, if she gets just £1 per track sold it’s not difficult math now is it? I so wish I was her bank manager or boyfriend or anything to do with her really….

I’d even take the job as her chief pencil sharpener. How about this for an amazing record?Stone Roses

The Stone Roses’ Heaton Park

comeback shows were named the fastest-selling rock concerts in UK history. All 220,000 tickets for the three concerts in early summer were sold in just 68 minutes’ That works out at an incredible 53 tickets sold per second.

As a long-term fan I won’t have a negative word said about this band, other than they’ve only returned for the cash but who wouldn’t in the same position? I’d never really thought about these before but what about posthumous world records?

Whitney Houston established a new record for the most simultaneous hits on UK singles chart by a solo female with 12 new entries on the UK chart following her death on February 11th, 2011.

That record was previously held by the late Amy Winehouse who achieved 8 simultaneous chart entries following her death on July 23rd last year.

However, Whitney couldn’t possibly eclipse the gargantuan achievement set by the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who posthumously achieved 28 consecutive hits on the UK singles chart following his death in June 2009 great new entry in the Guinness Book Of Records .

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Adele (Photo credit: Tram Painter)

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