Why Is It That Crime In Movies So Often Comes Across As A Cool Thing?

bonnie and clyde
Bonnie and Clyde
Dan Majestic writes from Hollywood: How is it, I would like to know, that crime in movies comes across as a cool thing? Yeah, sure, the bad guys often lose in the end, but they still look funkier and slicker than the good guys. And for the millions of easily impressionable idiots, who rush to watch any new crappy thriller, the message that is hammered into their tiny brains on a regular basis is this: crime is not really all that bad and the benefits are enormous. Beats having a nine to five job anytime.
The biggest lie that is peddled by Hollywood to the masses is that criminals lead a glamorous life, having hot chicks around them, driving fancy sports cars and living in luxury villas. All of this is especially appealing to the dimwits out there who dream of getting rich quickly without doing much if anything. So what if I get busted and end up in the slammer, they reckon, seeing all that luxury on the screen acquired on proceeds of crime? At least I’ll get a chance to have loads of cash, wear bling-bling, live in my own villa, drive a Ferrari and shag all those chicks.

the godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather? Yep, now that was some promotion for the underworld. Sure, it’s got some nasty bloodletting scenes in it, but it still manages to come across as a ‘touching’ story of a criminal clan. Word has it that the New York mob was very grateful to Francis Ford Coppolla for the first Godfather and let him know about it. The second film in the trilogy they liked less, but still accepted that it made them look all powerful and even intelligent when both of these things they ain’t.
Ocean 11, 12 and 13 probably came tops of glamorising criminals, with a whole bunch of cute looking lovable lowlifes pulling off a heist of their lives. The old version with Frank and the boys was at least a comedy spoof but the new remakes were just showing how good it is to be a criminal.
What the Hollywood crime busters are missing is that most criminals are scum lead an unexciting life, don’t trust anyone and get whacked a lot. All those villas and yachts and private jets exists only in movies. It’s the prison cells or a bullet in the back of their heads from their competitors or even some of their own lot that the real life criminals end up with. Not to mention that the hot chicks they supposedly hang out with are mostly hookers  and even the bling-bling is not made of real gold.
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Bling Bling (EP)
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