Why Is It That People Fall For Trashy Singing And Dancing Contests On The Box?

strictly come dancing 2012
Strictly Come Dancing 2012.
Adam Lovejoy writes from London: The new season of that hideous dancing competition is coming. Yes, the publicly funded British Broadcasting Corporation that gets 3.6 billions smackers a year is unleashing another dose of amateurish crap that it calls Strictly Come Dancing.
How bored and stupid do you need to be to fall for this rubbish that costs next to nothing for the BBC to make? Not to mention that it is supposed to be suitable for prime time television. Disgrace, total disgrace!
But it’s not just the state-owned BBC that plugs total rubbish. Take the X Factor that creates short-lived success stories for total non-entities. The whole idea is to select a bunch of self-obsessed individuals who would do anything to appear on the box.
They slaughter other people’s songs, in the hope of getting a shot at the big time, while viewers vote for them by making expensive phone calls, without realising that they actually help promote mediocrities who later torture everyone with their remakes or stupid songs that they supposedly write themselves.
The ‘genius’ behind the X Factor, Simon Cowell, who for some unknown reason is considered a great music producer, is rolling in easy money, coming up with even more hideous shows like Britain Has Got Talent.
There were similar TV ‘gems’ in the times of the Soviet Union, when amateur competitions were held to pick the most talented performers. Only these were confined to regional television, as it was considered too cheap and tacky to put them on national channels.
But not in Britain, it seems. In Britain any third-rate show can go national, as long as the people behind it fit the profile and the content is dumb enough to appeal to the masses.
And how about all those reality TV shows? This is the pits of bad taste. How stupid should people be to watch this sort of non-eventful TV? Millions of idiots are conned into watching badly made shows that cost nothing to produce.
Why don’t they just sit in front of a fish tank instead and watch the fishes swim back and forth. And play with themselves at the same time. To keep their hands occupied.
x factor 2012
X Factor 2012.
Coat of arms of the Union of Soviet Socialist ...
Coat of arms of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from 1958 to 1991 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
And speaking of fish tanks: how pathetic do you need to be to watch trash on the box and not miss the ads? TV ads are for retards, , OK? They don’t even plug stuff anymore. It’s just a form of brainwashing that is intended to convince all the idiots out there that they need to buy stuff.
Even if they don’t need it. Buy, buy, buy. have no money? Use plastic or borrow from payday loans companies. But buy, don’t stop. And let me tell you something else that is really disturbing: people, who watch all that crap on the box for hours on end resemble junkies.
Yes, getting addicted to rubbish TV is very easy. Just like it is very easy to get addicted to junk food, bad music and shitty books.
The whole point of all this is to get people stupid enough to buy more stuff that they don’t need. That’s the whole game with dumbing down content of everything.  Simple really.

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