Mark Thompson Of The Beeb Is Off To Run The New York Times. It’s All In The Best Possiblle Taste

Mark Thompson - moving on to greener pastures

Mark Thompson moving on greener pastures.

Adam Lovejoy writes from London:

The great thing about the left generally is the ease with which they say one thing but do completely the opposite. Hypocrisy, so that you know, is in the blood of any leftie and it comes to him or her naturally. (Just think of any member of the last Labour government and you will know what I mean.)

So it’s no surprise that the man who was running the publicly funded British Broadcasting Corporation for more than eight years, Mark Thompson, has moved to run the New York Times as its CEO, chairman and God knows what else without even bothering to explain his sudden transformation from a politically non-biased responsible broadcasting exec to a loony leftie.

Because the NYT is not just on the left of the political spectrum, if you pardon the fancy lingo here, it’s actually perched so far to the left that if it makes just one small move or even sneezes it will fall off. © Stirring Trouble Internationally Google+ Mind you, Mr Mark Thompson himself made it all look in the best possible taste, as if it was no big deal for a former top gun at the BBC to take over the running of a sick and twisted leftie publication.

But then again he claims to be a devout Catholic – I kid you not – and Catholics are known for their forgiving ways.

So in effect, Mr Thompson has forgiven himself for being the hypocrite that he is. The overwhelmingly liberal British media – I would say that Britain’s mainstream media including its so-called ‘right-wing’ section is probably 98 per cent liberal – has been showering Mr Thomson with praise for his role in making the BBC what it is today.

Some hot headed commentators with that look in their eyes that says ‘f..k impartiality’ are even claiming that Thompson left ‘on a high’ after the BBC has supposedly triumphed in providing ‘outstanding coverage’ of the London Olympics.

How exactly that outstanding coverage had manifested itself is anyone’s guess, but I suppose that watching obscure sports round the clock and listening to politically correct sports commentary is every liberal’s dream of paradise.

Before leaving his £1 million a year job at the Corporation, Mr Thompson found the time to immerse himself in a bit of ‘controversy’, very publicly banning the installation of a statue of George Orwell on the BBC premises.

Giving his reasons for the ban, the then BBC DG said while keeping a perfectly straight face that Orwell was way too left-wing and that the  appearance of his statue at the Corporation could have given the wrong impression to the outside world.

As if the said outside world is totally blind to the BBC obsession with loony left ideas and its unwavering support for the Labour party.

George Entwistle at the BBC.

In reality, Mr Thomson is leaving the BBC in a very sorry state, with ratings at an all-time low across the board and the quality of programmes having fallen through the floor.

It is now practically impossible to watch the BBC TV channels and, what is most interesting, many of its programmes are made by outside subcontractors.

As a result, a broadcasting giant with an annual budget of £3.6 billion is not really capable of producing the main bulk of its shows by itself. That is some achievement and we must not take away the input into this of Mr Thomson and his gang. But what of the new BBC DG, a certain George Entwistle?

Well, George didn’t really start off well, opting for a stunt with refusing to have an office of his own and even taking a 40 per cent pay cut. The man obviously doesn’t understand one simple thing: it’s not the salary that the licence payers are objecting to when it comes to the top post at the BBC, it’s the appalling quality of programmes and their overwhelming left-wing bias.

Still, it’s very hard to imagine that the new BBC DG has come to change all that. (By the way, the BBC says that Mr Entwistle is still entitled to use the previous DG’s office and car.)

Privatise the damn thing, that’s what I say. It’s not worth the money the people are forced to pay for it.

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