Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria demonstrations To Dilma Rousseff And Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Ted Obvious  reports from Rio de Janeiro about political rulers around the world they have no idea what’s going on and why the people are restless

Turkey protests against Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanding they be allowed to kiss on the street and want more freedom of speech. Brazil a similar thing is happening with street demonstrations they thanks to social media become the new carnival. Now we see protests in Bulgaria they are challenging local media with something but their message is not all that clear. Protests are often this way one leader starts chanting something and then everyone repeat after them, the message goes down the line and by the time it gets to the crowd the message becomes lost in translation.
Turkey riots
Hopefully things calm down in Brazil because they will be staging the  World Cup, they have gone from stories like Pele brought up on kicking around Orange peels to having some really good stadiums and lifestyles that match that of Europeans and Americans. Ghetto's still exist everywhere but not like we see in the City of God.

bulgaria demonstrations
Eduardo Paes and Dilma Rousseff are two people in Brazil that a lot of people listen too and the protestors direct their questions to them. twitter is good for this sort of thing because they can ask questions in the hope that they will receive an answer, the problem with this is often people are so tanked up when they get round to ask things or get the courage to say something it all comes out as gobble dee gook as they type with one finger on the phones and tablet devices.

June 23, 2013 at 12:03AM

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