The Rocket Man Returns With A New Album

elton john the diving board
The Rocket Man Elton John has a new album coming out in September called The Diving Board. David Bowie done surprisingly well with his album earlier this year so it is interesting to hear Elton John has an album. The Diving Board is the next album by Elton The Captain and The Kid, is another recent album that not many people talk about. However Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy album did quite well so anything could happen in September when this album is released.

Rocket Man (song)
Rocket Man (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Things are different now for Elton John who is now married to David Furnish with to kids Zachary and Elijah. Bernie Taupin is a music writer who helps musicians get to where they want to be, he helped the Queens Of The Stone Age  and other bands from outside the UK write music for the general public which is very popular these days.

elton john

Elton John also helps other musicians his Music company has helped among other very popular musicians. Ed Sheeran has been promoted by Elton's team. To find out what Musicologist and satirist Freddie Mathews has to say about The Rocket Man Returns goto Stirring Trouble Internationally dot com.