Edward Snowden And The Games Big Brother Plays

Edward Snowden the phantom whistleblower of whistleblower capital the US  has really blown a juicy one this time not only infamous National Security Agency. The news of  Prism as we look through the looking glass we also see a dramatic change in Internet traffic. Wikileaks never had that problem all the free advertising and the amount of people voluntary contributing to share all kinds of information showed the world a thing or two.

"Lev Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana", 19...
"Lev Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana", 1908, the first color photo portrait in Russia Français : 

« Léon Tolstoï à Iasnaïa Poliana », 1908, 
le premier portrait photographique en couleur en Russie. Suomi: 
"Leo Tolstoi Jasnaja Poljanassa", 1908. 
Ensimmäinen Venäjällä otettu värimuotokuva. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Edward Snowden went to Hong Kong probably just to get away from the US government for a bit, I am sure they will have him back soon when he has come to his senses a trip to Russia should be enough to clear the air. The goal is similar to Julian Assange to arrive in Ecuador for political asylum its a shame they could not have travelled together, perhaps they will do a Google hangout and share notes on being outside of the durastiction of the powers that be. I guess in a sense they are both like Bonnie and Clyde, like peas in a pod or clams in a shell.

Richard Chamberlain Sings
Richard Chamberlain Sings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hong Kong  is a great place this time of year and there is a great film about trading in China with Richard Chamberlain, I forget the name but once the paper work is signed the deal is sealed, he gets a limited number of years of success, goes beyond these years surprising everyone who secretly knows the cycle of the seal. The Washington Post readers when it came out really like the book Spying Games, the book needlessly sold out when banned in certain countries, it is a gimmick they have been using for years, one of those secret marketing ploys they do not want you to know about.


President Barack Obama balanced the scales of justice in his speech about privacy and security, then General Keith Alexander turns up out the blue talking about the new Prism, playing on the fans of The Crystal Maze, everyone needs to know they are part of the action so they can go out and talk about something. When people are happy the world is a happier place. Its either gold or silver, black or white, red pill or blue pill. Entertainment has been hammered and now it is an obvious part of the news, the Matrix, The Crystal Maze and now The Prism sounds good right? 


Wikileaks Julian Assange has been secretly doing speeches from outside the Ecuador embassy in London after speeches with Extraordinary minded people smoking cigars that in their hometown would be illegal to smoke. going around galavanting naked swatting themselves with special mentholated bushes in hot sauna's saying how great it all was. Loads of Money Harry Enfeild comedian on HAle and Pace (see the video above) did a great impression of the stereotypical man from Sweden walking around with only a towel doing far to much talking. Private Bradley Manning contributed to Wikileaks he was one of the people who felt he had a hard time in the forces and seen a lot of things that blown him away. Come on we all have stories like these, dont we? Edward Snowden And The Games Big Brother Plays.

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