Why Not Let Small And Struggling Nations Win Every Bloody Contest Imaginable!

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank celebrating  the winning man  from popular TV show there called Arab Idol a singing competition which has been repackaged and effectively sold all around the world even as we will find out in Beirut. The singer who was held in a Gaza refugee camp takes the lead in  Arab Idol. First in Beirut: Family of missing journalist going to Beirut, a Demo in Beirut to mark killing of anti-Hezbollah protester and Ahmed Helmy travels to Beirut to support Ahmad Jamal in Idol finale. Lebanon: Tensions grow as rocket hits near Beirut, protests continue, Army set for crackdown on Beirut activists,Rocket strikes valley on Beirut outskirts The Times of Israel, Grad rocket hits Beirut suburbs and drugs have been seized at Beirut airport one Syrian has been arrested. Eurovision song contests would be won by small countries that would then go nuts and have celebrations for weeks and months and no longer feel patronised by big nations. And feel great about themselves and have that sense of national pride strengthened.  the Palestinian Arab Idol victor Mohammed Assaf's final winning moment was when he sang the songs he sang well. Olympics Games would be arranged in such a way that athletes from Mali or Nepal or the Seychelles. Jamaica are getting excited about 600 athletes for the Special Olympics in the next Summer Games. In the Mediterranean they are already talking about the Games happening in seven years time in 2020 Olympics. The Turkish Prime Minister Mersin is talking about the Mediterranean Games in 2020 Olympics to cheer everybody up. The Special Olympics World Games is in only two years time and Tickets-for-Charity are all already being sold to raise money for the Forces and other helpful funds. North Korea and Cuba would be allowed to win because the people there don’t really have all that much to celebrate. Ex-POW Focuses on Others Still in North Korea, Japan, US, South Korea confirm multi-strand approach to North Korea IHS Jane First look: Inside North Korea’s latest ‘Samjiyon’ tablet device. Winter Olympic would be more difficult, naturally, as most countries with cold climates are prosperous.Russia confirms plans to send Olympic torch into space ahead of 2014.Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games could use a can of Coca Cola to refresh the first for winning. Imagine, Paupa New Guinea winning Olympic Gold in ice hockey or Madagascar winning doubles and singles in ice skating. Why not let small and struggling Nations win every bloody contest imaginable.  The last 7 days Papua New Guinea, the linguistic superpower big think,  Sojitz signs MOU to study gas chemical plant in Papua New Guinea Chemical Week. CGC Malaysia To Help Set Up Credit Guarantee Institutions In Papua New Guinea, Mongolia Bernama Papua New Guinea and Indonesia sign new Air Services ABC Online, Harmony is being set by asking to write-down Papua New Guinea mine IOL, SOEs Look to Papua New Guinea for Prospects Jakarta Globe, also in Papua New Guinea an 18-year-old girl beheaded her father for raping her for a long time.

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