Driving on the road - Road Rage And Bad Drivers

London Road
 London Road (Photo credit: Wojtek Gurak)
Driving around in London is no mean feat, you have to be ready for all kinds of things. Most people we assume know what they are doing and the chances are even they have bad habits now and again. In this article I hope to help identify these problems so the road becomes a safer place.

Sign No. 274-56 – speed limit
Sign No. 274-56 – speed limit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You get all kinds of people behind the driving wheel, newbie boy racers who know no different and can barely understand the capabilities of the vehicle they are driving or the old school with lots of bad habits, if this is you you might be due another refresher. Its always worth investing your time in what you do the most. If your driving is on a down hill slope and you are struggling to fit in or just found yourself and your car parked in a bit of a tight spot then you might want to consider getting a smaller car. If you are creating the tight spot for other people then it is best to leave more room for people parked in front of you and behind you.
LCD fourteen-segment characters on a modern ca...
LCD fourteen-segment characters on a modern car stereo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are listening to your CD player and playing aggressive music the chances are this is going to make you aggressive as well, when things happen which they often do you will have to react in a certain way, pulling the fingers up at people or swearing at them is only going to make your concentration go, this is what happens and it is called road rage, I hope you are not one of these types of drivers. Stirring Trouble Internationally and the rest of the world have a name for these types of people. And don’t forget to press that car horn as you go around that bend or cruise through a Ford there might be innocent ducks on the road, its not like you are walking around in an inflatable duck suit.
i'm in ur Pitlane, ignorin' yur spedlimit LOL
i'm in ur Pitlane, ignorin' yur spedlimit LOL (Photo credit: chuckoutrearseats)
Breaking the speed limit when driving past schools is shocking and anyone doing this kind of thing on a motorway is either in and emergency, or they are blatantly breaking the rules and are sure to end up in trouble. You have the outside lane to worry about you should always be on the look out for people speeding past you on the outside lane.

Taking the car out for a spin
Taking the car out for a spin (Photo credit: yooperann)
Then you get the novices who are paranoid and stick to driving in the middle of a road Often the two lane road is camouflaged which is bad news for motorists and cyclists. Find out what happens when a red light drive occurs over on Stirring Trouble Internationally dot com.

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