Special Relations Between The US And UK? Works Mostly For British Politicians

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BP Troubles

Special relations between US and UK politicians for the past few years from people like Tony Blairs team have received all types of investments financially in each others interests. Each country has it's own interests. The US for example has a big interest in Gulf oil, British expertise on the matter has been instrumental in helping the US get what it wants. Over the years UK British troops and the intelligence needed to occupy Afghanistan. The USA has a good way of training soldiers and intelligence around coordinating relationships during hard times for example Libya and Syria. Top companies in the US ExxonMobile that have swapped and shared information here in the UK thanks to what President Barack Obama has said publicly over the phone with Britain and the rest of the world about telecommunications in Kenya.
The Conflicr In Syria Gets Bloodier. While The International Community Bickers About Its Resolution
The Conflicr In Syria Gets Bloodier. While The International Community Bickers About Its Resolution 
The problem seems to be that BP have spilled a lot of oil in the ocean for example Gulf of Mexico, if the British government worked closer with British companies that do well like BP rather than focusing on building relationships in areas of conflict all would be well. Find out what  Prime Minister David Cameron  are up to and why they are still focused on conflicts outside of the UK. Stirring Trouble Internationally asks the question why is the UK politicians focusing on what they are being told how to do things, rather than focus on what they have always been good at. The US does it perfectly well by working in tandem with the telecommunications companies they now travel well around the world and the UK has seemed to lost its intelligence on oil in the gulf like it did a few years ago.