Politicians Pretending Information about Banks. PPI RBS and PCBS

George can be tough with banks. TheoreticallyBankers told they must change
  R.F.Wilson reports from somewhere in the Houses of Parliament in London. His report has some tasteful swearing: Big noise made in la-la land of British politics, in Westminster Village.

  PPI means that politicians and the money men have a synergistic relationship 

which needs to be fulfilled so bear this in mind when reading the small print. 

MP's have ready a report for the Houses of Parliament 

and the viewers watching on TV and anyone else interested. 

PCBS deal with banks manipulating the Libor rate incase you do not know what these acronyms mean its very simple it stands for Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards. The report from the UK Treasury ready for  RBS from Chancellor George Osborne about people getting loans to  buy houses in Britain the Royal Bank Of Scotland is always looking for more ideas.

This includes news about George Osborne and his remembrance Mansion House speech about Sir Mervyn King. Politicians Pretending To Be Tough On Banks. Whom Are They Kidding? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) June 20, 2013 at 12:02AM 

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