Political Ride Back To Berlin. G8 Summit Obama And The Euro Berlin Gate

Anton Goryunov reports from Berlin about the things achieved at the G8 summit that ended yesterday in Northern Ireland.

US President Barack Obama visited Germany back in two thousand and eight and he really spoke to the Berliners so when Angela got home she had some interesting stories to tell.
Topography of Europe, with Danube marked red
Topography of Europe, with Danube marked red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems political correctness gone mad in only five years of this powerful Obama speech that TV news never really forgot.

As you will find out the European Union is obviously making an impression on the United States and the people of Europe must be well pleased and confident that everything will get better for there people.

obama germany 2008 Germany has supportive views over the years of things like Guantanamo prison holding places for people who have not done anything illegal often. The policing of radical words and ideology.

Bringing new hope to Germany after the challenging floods in Nuremburg this week, where the people got together and sandbagged the floods.

Brandenburg Gates where President John Kennedy made his speech Obama had the pleasure in 2008. I am sure he will say something special in 2013 too. June 20, 2013 at 12:10AM stirringtroubleinternationally.com The Politically Correct Kid Rides Into Berlin. And Does His Thing At Brandenburg Gate. See Link Below.

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