The Edward Snowden Affair Is Starting To Look Like A Set Up That’s Gone Horribly Wrong

Anton Goryunov reports from Moscow Sheremetyevo transit lounge about a spying scandal. Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who had worked as a subcontractor for the US National Security Agency and spilled the beans about American spook s spying on the Internet, GCHQ in Britain of people reading emails and phone calls in the transit zone at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport of people on the look out for Edward Snowden. With a little help from WikiLeaks website which has funds from donations of people who read the website and contribute regularly. The founder Julian Assange in London is said the have helped Edward Snowden by putting him in contact with people all over the world, including insiders in China, Russia, Ecuador and Britain not forgetting the other insiders in the Pentagon, the protectors of information that they do not think you should know about. It is this type of information they say that will make unrest and disturb people form getting sleep at night. Doesn’t anyone on Washington realise that it all looks very stupid? I suppose no, they don’t.  Ever since leaders Bill Clinton,  George W. Bush and now Barack Obama we are starting to see chinks in the armour and displaying a lack of common sense.
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