US Spooks Prevent Lots Of Terrorist Attacks

nsa headquarters
Dan Majestic reports from Washington about the NSA, US Congress, Al Qaeda and the New York subway and Najibullah Zazi a new pizza chain (joke). This post is a supportive post about Prism and how it helped to track down Osama Bin Laden and how it helps Barack Obama tackle racist scum and neo-Nazis.

edward snowden

And as for people running the big Internet networks, pretending they knew nothing of the widespread spying, well, they can go tell this to their bank managers or publicists if they want. 

We ain’t buying that. 

They have been taking all that money from the US government as start-up capital and now they are going to deny that they do not respond in kind. Bit rich of them. Additionally find out more about Stephen Spielberg US Spooks and as already mentioned Spying On The Web to prevent attacks.

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