Jeremy Hunt Barking Up The Wrong Poor Care Scandal In The NHS

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Another report  from London over on Stirring Trouble Internationally has highlighted the news about the poor care scandal in the NHS. In this constructive report you will read about the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and the quality of care in the NHS reported on a couple of TV programmes and have created the claw backs in funding in this sector, focusing on the right things to claw back on are crucial for the NHS to change. You can read the full article here: Barking Up The Wrong Tree. A Cynical Look At The 'Poor Care Scandal' In The NHS

NHS Employers exhibition stand
NHS Employers exhibition stand (Photo credit: NHSE)
Jeremy Hunt is a conservative member who supported cutting cost at the olympics, works to help the disabled and has a good understanding of media, culture and the arts. Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust based in Littelworth Staffordshire the DailyMail covered the scoop that happened there saying the Stafford hospital was really struggling financially and approximately maybe over one thousand people have passed passed away because of this. It seems the decision of the hospital's future was with big company Ernst & Young. The thing is the hospital had enough money to employ the best doctors and pay them the high salaries they are worth which contradicts that the hospital was struggling financially to treat patients in the correct way.
Health centre infographics
Health centre infographics 2007 Six years ago (Photo credit: Matt Biddulph)

As you can see from the Info-graphic above by CFEP in 2007 things have not always been this way and  the Care Quality Commission check the national standards of hospitals in the UK they also have noticed high statistics of people dying in hospital. Perhaps they just need to bring back the good old Angels and send in more Juliet Bravo's to sort things out.

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20070113 - Clint's 33rd birthday party - Angel - jello shooter AND camera - (by Glen) -
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1,5 Liter Flasche Wasser (Volvic)
1,5 Liter Flasche Wasser
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Morecambe Bay there have been a number of new born cot deaths which is another NHS Trust hospital. The area also reported elderly patients having to drink out of plant vases because they were so thirsty, whoever said do not bring flowers to patients in hospital needs to reassess  Lucozade is often brought into hospital perhaps the best thing is instead is to bring in for a similar cost 6 bottles or nine litres of water rather than a bunch of mouldy grapes or a brown bag of saggy tangerines.

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Hourglass Necklace ... Sunday May 1, 2011 ...item 3..
The Armageddon virus: --- could devastate mankind
in the next five years (15 October 2012)
 The NHS and mainstream medicine is under the thumb of pharmaceutical companies and the struggle for funding to distribute drugs in departments and the protheses has jumped the line and become more important than care.  

The next problem that we all worry about is the germs inside the hospitals, not that the hospital is not clean it is very clean but the chemicals that help clean the hospital have been mixed and changed so many times that this alone has created a new super virus which attacks the immune systems of not just patients that die but also the visitors who come to visit there family who have often only had minor injuries that perhaps a simple plaster could have fixed. Other problems include giving children at an early age drugs which are over the heads of any medical understanding. This kind of treat the patient like a Guinea pig is more popular in certain states of America, it should not happen here in the UK but it seems it is. This life from early age to adult means other drugs have to be given to balance of the ones they are already on, the symptoms of all this creates an internal ticking time bomb which ruins lives but creates a dependency which pharmaceutical companies depend on.

English: NHS logo
English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And when they older they can now get viagra cheaply now the patent rights have ended but again this defeats the object because they are so dosed up by this time there is no chance of concepting or having children because the body is cloned by chemicals. Mr Hunt is defending what the NHS are doing but avoiding the real problems and statistics. So then Stirring Trouble Internationally asks: Are they just Barking up the wrong tree when looking at the poor care scandal’ in the NHS?

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