Films Of Londoners Expressing Intimacy Kissing In Public Is like Watching Guerillas Mating

kissing in public
This is a re-write of a popular post by Adam Lovejoy in London last night about exhibitionism and intimacy of people who copulate in a public place. The report is about the politically correct walking around London in two's around popular places like the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square especially the Gallery.

Single's shame for some public kisses
Adam compares them to primordial mammals, guerillas that know no better, and what they lack in intelligence they make up for by the way they do their upright walking.Single's shame for some public kisses (Photo credit: kirtaph)

Love's Old Sweet Song
    As they progress he points out this type of behaviour becomes more advanced, I wonder if there is ever an ideal time to burst this type of behaviour in the bud before it progresses any further. Love's Old Sweet Song (Photo credit: linda yvonne)

74 Bands
The petting and exhibitionism just gets louder and louder, smooching like mating gorillas in a zoo, the gorilla intimacy as it were is then shared on their mobiles to share later on social media micro sites for all to see another rubber stamp of how important intimacy is in the public eyes these days, does anyone really watch this sort of stuff? 74 Bands (Photo credit: derektor)
gorillas mating
These people copulate in a public place is simply another form of exhibitionism, animals on heat with sexual desires. If you feel like shoving your tongue down somebody else’s throat in public, don’t, just don’t. Why because it is just another form of exhibitionism of people who copulate in a public place in a upright walking position in a decree to exhibit their intimacy. These are just some examples of the politically correct in public, gorillas they are.