From The Wires Of ITAR-TASS. In Russian

From The Wires Of ITAR-TASS. In Russian A post originally shared by Alexander first published over on Stirring Trouble Internationally here is a video of Alexander Nekrassov, Huw Edwards and Lord Williams about Syria.

Today's entry includes references to Barneys, Fred Segal, The Swank and Harrods from the Wires Of ITAR-TASS which is originally in Russian so my hope is you get the translations fine please leave comments below if you think anything is in-correct, I have done some translating here. There are snippets of news about the art world and documents of interest being auctioned up for bidding today that Russia, America and the rest of the world takes interest in. You can also enjoy news about consumer issues being reported in places like south Korea. Get the latest news from around the world from protesters in Brazil causing trouble. Also included are news from diplomats in Europe and the type of cars they use to protect themselves as well as enhance there countries economic stature. Find out where the diplomats around the world stay and in what sort of hotels available to be able to host these executive guest, with top tips on hotels to stay in to mingle with the rich and famous.

Painting Old Yerevan, 1928 by Saryan on Soviet stamp of 1980 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tigran Liloyan reports that there was a fire in the house-museum of the great Armenian painter Martiros Saryan in Yerevan, Saryan fire occurred luckily all the paintings of the great artist were retrieved and in good condition. 

It is said that there have been 30 paintings and 20 graphic works donated to the museum from private collectors, donors and family of the artist. His work has been displayed at Tretyakov Gallery in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, as well as the National Gallery of Armenia

His granddaughters name is Ruzan Saryan and she is the director is charge of any new up and coming future exhibitions. 

English: An AH-1 Cobra helicopter, property of...
English: An AH-1 Cobra helicopter, property of Red Bull, at the Góraszka Air Picnic 2009 Polski: Śmigłowiec AH-1 Cobra należący do Red Bulla podczas Pikniku Lotniczego Góraszka 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next up Kutakhov reports on behalf of ITAR-TASS about the scoop South Korean consumers have decided to turn away from energy drinks high in caffeine and sugar as a way of promoting more healthy lifestyles. 

Meanwhile in the rest of the world Kutakhov highlights how shops like 7 - Eleven energy drinks sales have dropped by  2% which is no different to the stats reported in a press release by the riteylernyh networks in South Korea and what figures they are not happy with. 

Companies like Red Bull report that this is a growing market and the drop in sales is very small compared to the drop in sales of other things during these difficult financial times. The only other drink for South Korea is better mineral water plus fruit n veg juice free from any additives and preservatives.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, N...
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, New Bond Street, London. Sculpted by Lawrence Holofcener (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next ITAR-TASS rep in New York Christie Shamshin responds to an article by Winston Churchill called the Iron Curtain put up for auction and Christie's auction house in New York.

No H.R.
"No H.R. 4437" placard and a Catholic monk (Photo credit: Edu-Tourist)
It has not only been syndicated as recommended reading to American journalists about the political situation in Europe, but is also expected to fetch a few bob too. 

The auction is today so expect to read about that somewhere in United States, Britain, France and Germany since these are the countries most interested in the works, I suspect other outside bidders will also join in the fun. 

Then Igor Varlamov covers the recent announcements made popular on Twitter for protestors in Brazils Sao Paulo. It seems the protest got well out of hand and a public transport  bus was set ablaze and the mainstream media managed to capture the footage. the  riot police were there and soon cleared up the mess made by activists allegedly congregating on Twitter. The positive thing it seems that peaceful protestors have underlined In Rio de Janeiro is that although they say there is a lot of democracy in Brazil there is not enough actually being given to the people, they basically want more freedom of speech. From this incident with the bus the price of travelling on the buses have gone down.

Hilton London Paddington
Hilton London Paddington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next up is a story by Dean Drunk about a Saudi preacher who is talking about lets start jihad to the Egyptian community living in Syria. The preachers name is Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Arifi and he spoke to Eygptians living there to start jihad against President Bashar al-Assad who  lives in London in a posh hotel somewhere in the British capital and that the luxury London hotel according to a publication by Al Ahram. News on Twitter said the line Sheikh of the Mujahideen in Piccadilly. He is also beleived to stay between two locations France and London. 

English: The General Establishment of Post in ...
English: The General Establishment of Post in Damascus, Syria with images of presidents Hafez al-Assad and his son Bashar al-Assad, and the Syrian flag draped on the building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is also mention of a guy called Al-Arifi here in London deliver lots of sermons in the largest mosques in the UK that are looking for volunteers so they can send them to Syria and join in the Jihad to challenge Bashar al-Assad because they are obviously not happy with the power he has there and the way he is dealing with the problems there. The problem is that many of the people living here in the UK enlisted for these types of missions never come back and get lost in other peoples battles.

Skoda Fabia
Skoda Fabia (Photo credit: code_martial) 
Kartcev reports about Zeman the Czech Republic president should only ride in limousines becuase there are being reproted genuine threats in places like Prague. The Czech President Milos Zeman,agree's and has gratefully received the keys to a new Skoda Superb which will be bullet proof as usual official cars are. His predecessor Vaclav Klaus  has an Audi A-8. Skoda is a local company in Czechoslovakia which is a great  message for the countries economy.
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