Android vs iPhone

Android vs iPhoneRick Dixon writes from Cambridge about surfing the Internet on your mobile phone. It is a satirical post where Rick takes a look at which phones are the best to do the things you need and covers things you may not need.
My gateway to this mansion is my iPhone or iPad and I am very fond of these two items. The internet tech media appear to be obsessed with Apple products schoolboy reading Big Bouncy Jugs Monthly.
Galaxy S3
So what is the differences between an Android device and an idevice. Rick Dixon takes a look and has noticed some interesting things beside the obvious things over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Android open source as it is has an open source operating system and can also be used on PCs. The downside of this is that ‘Open Source can contain a virus/malware/spyware, to find out the basics and read the aricle in full, check out today's post by Rick.
Apple iPhone
Appl runs an operating system called iOS and as an idevice user you can download apps from App Store. iDevices are portable and many come with limited access, Apples iTunes software is very popular and using your own email  with the iCloud again is very good. iPhone VS Android phone http://ibourl.com/1hap #mobile #compare