Is China Communist Or Capitalist? Neither One Actually

Communism was here
Communism was here (Photo credit: Lonely_Freak)
Anton Goryunov writes from Beijing  about China, communism and capitalism. Anton takes a good look at China and answers some burning questions you might have about communist states.   He also takes a brief look at how business is operating for start ups and new ventures. Find out how in China, small firms are  created.

  Chinese Stamp, 1950. Joseph Stalin and Mao Zed...
Chinese Stamp, 1950. Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong are shaking hands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) China is not capitalist  private sector and is not attempting to dictate rules to businesses.

  A capitalism's social pyramid
A capitalism's social pyramid (Photo credit: Wikipedia) China has been called by academics a mix of capitalism and communism.

Xi Jinping
In the Soviet Union the communist party disappeared very quickly.

With Vice President of the People’s Republic o...
With Vice President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping at the opening of Russia Day at the 2010 World Expo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chinese leaders will be thinking about ways to stay on top and not lose any wealth in any way.
Communist countries
Communist countries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  There are territorial disputes between China, Vietnam and the Philippines.  President Xi Jinping, is a very clever leader and China is very lucky as long as there is not a big war.