Will A World Of Warcraft Film Bring In The Gold Pieces?

Rick Dixon writes from Cambridge about Warcraft the film inspired by the game. This post will appeal to Warcraft players. In 2004  Massively Multi-Player Online game for PCs World of Warcraft came into fruition. lots of copies sold and a lot of people had this game on their PC's. Last year Blizzard Entertainment claimed to have 10 million registered subscribers on their data base. Doom is another  game  or a First Person Shooter that was made into a film it did not do brilliantly however it was a decent enough film. Street Fighter Street Fighter: The Movie with  Jean-Claude Van Damme came out a similar time to the Super Mario film. These gaming sites have some really nice retro video screen shots of gamers playing these games and you can watch them over on YouTube . Also look out for Mortal Kombat movie another great game transformed into a mediocre film.