Rich Chinese Are Fleeing China. Now Is the Time For The EU To Cash In

Illicit money is pouring out of China. Let’s get some of it.
Gu Suhua in Beijing reports from streets of Shanghai about the alarm caused by Xi Jinping an investment entrepreneur.

Find out more updates about Wen Jiabao who according to American sources shared in November last year is worth around $2.7 billion that is a lot of Chinese cash. property worth in Spain for residents news with a Spanish passport.

Tips of how to trade in the European Union.  Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy should get on the next plane to Beijing and offer something irresistible like Spanish passports.
Poor Chinese
The most desirable destinations during this economic slump is the United States and three other countries go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and read all about it there.  

Find out more about The Bank of China and the percentage of people who are moving countries to get the accommodation they wish to own.
Jim Bob's insight:
China is going through a lot of changes and are manufacturing more than many countries, they have struggles too, everyone seems to be struggling. This is a positive post about succeeding..
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