‘Rambo’ Speaks Out FOR Gun Control

Rick Dixon writes from Cambridge about Sylvester Stallone also known as John Rambo made a speech to argue against guns in America. In this post Rick highlights some interesting things. He looks at the three films and explains them in a way you will not have read before. From this post you will understand how views and thoughts change overtime. You will know more about Rambo films and have a better understanding of what has been happening around the world these past few years. If you are Russian or from somewhere nearby this is not something you want to miss, if you are passionate about the debate happening which you should know about, especially if you are living in America. Living in America is a song by James Brown and he sang this song in one of the Rambo films. Here is a brief summary of things said by Rick Dixon. I would rather you go over to the full post and read that before reading any further here because a lot of is just me paraphrasing.
First Blood (1982) there is a scene where no guns involved Rambo throws a breeze block into a helicopter window. First Blood Part II (1985) Rambo is sent to Vietnam in Reagan’s 80s America the Russians were behind everything bad no explanation required. Rambo III (1988) a propaganda film showed someone wiping his arse on a Russian flag every 5 minutes. The second point of note is the film’s opening dedication, “This film is dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan. Sylvester Stallone started of in a low budget film called Party at Kitty and Stud’s. Now flash forward to the present day, and the latest gun control rows Sylvester Stallone chooses to take time out from promoting his latest film, Bullet to the Head to voice his opinion on gun control.  Stallone backed a 1994 Bill prohibiting the sale of assault rifles and believes it should be reinstated the American buffalo is long-extinct  anything else hunted with an assault rifle is likely to go the same way. There are small armies attacking homes in America that would require assault weaponry to defend them guns don’t kill people, people do, people being allowed access to military weapons and proper treatment for the sick and mentally ill.