New Album Review: Ben Montague – Tales Of Flying and Falling

English: A free-falling object achieves its te...
English: A free-falling object achieves its terminal velocity when the downward force of gravity (Fg) equals the upward force of drag (Fd). This causes the net force on the object to be zero, resulting in an acceleration of zero.[1] (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  Freddie Matthews review of Ben Montague from Hampshire, England new album called Tales Of Flying and Falling.
Free-fall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ben Montague from the press release says this is a first new album about Flying and Falling so I have added a breif explanation of what I can find out falling in the sky. Free fall is any motion of a body where weight is the only force. Conditions create inertia on its path, gravity remains the only force. Velocity applies when moving upwards to the sky. Free fall in gravity is weightlessness or zero-g , due to inertia of weightlessness during flight we call it free-fall. This also apply to weightlessness from a gravitating body and perhaps this is why they called their album Tales Of Flying and Falling. Strict technical application of an object forces  aerodynamic drag when falling through an atmosphere without a deployed parachute again referred to as free falling like the Tom Petty song. Tales Of Flying and Falling  Ben Montague and the record company use the Ali Baba, 1001 Nights, Rainbow, Riptide, Jambore, and Alladin and includes the horizontal gondola a swinging pendulum, A single stationary tower is attached to a concrete base, or portable trailer. The stationary tower a swinging arm moves with the push of the drive motor. the swinging arm are two drive shafts next to the stationary tower and swinging arm which  attaches to the passenger gondola. The swinging arm also has a counter weight with the ride's name illuminated in colourful lights and these rides are operated with a toggle handle. Ben Montague The Wanted Ledra Chapman and Sophie Delila all suggest what is the  Ben Montague music genre, Freddie asks questions about this in todays article which I seek to address here, first read the article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Here is some info about another popular band from the seventies and eighties called The Fall. They were an English punk band from Manchester in 1976. Their  founder member is Mark E. Smith.
Better Than Today
Better Than Today (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 
Tales Of Flying and Falling  Ben Montague is naturally the main song-writer but add in the likes of Iain Archer from Snow Patrol James Walsh and Jim Duguid  from Paolo Nutini,  Dave Eringa from the Manic Street Preachers and Kylie Minogue albums.

Ben Montague
The songs to listen to Liberty Road featuring added vocals by Lucie Silvas has a decent harmony.
On his new album Ben Montague proves that is does pay to hire in song-writing help
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