Here’s A Great Idea For Hollywood: Why Not Make A Comedy About Charles Darwin The Charlatan

Ben Delicious writes from London Here’s a great idea for Hollywood: why not make a hilarious comedy about Charles Darwin the charlatan? chimp Jenny which lived in Darwin’s house for many years. The meaning of life an idea and story that provides answers to philosophical society things that address the significance of life and existence. Asking all the probing questions like Why are we here and what is life all about? These questions have created an increased  theological speculative discussion.

PhotonQ-Charles Darwin 's Office
PhotonQ-Charles Darwin 's Office (Photo credit: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE) 
A film about Darwin the con artist is the discussion over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. A film called Darwin or  The Sting are some of the suggestions. Alfred Russel Wallace, OM, FRS 1823 - 1913 a British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist and biologist best known for his  proposals about the  theory of evolution that prompted Charles Darwin to publish his theory. Wallace in the Amazon River basin with Malay Archipelago mapped the Wallace Line the division between the Indonesian archipelago where animals in Australia were found to be similar to other  Asian animal origins. Wallace was a expert on geographical  animal species  more commonly known as the father of biogeography.
  Charles Darwin (age 33) and his son William (n...

Charles Darwin (age 33) and his son William (notably the only picture known of Charles Darwin and another member of his family). Scanned from Karl Pearson, The Life, Letters, and Labours of Francis Galton. Daguerrotype originally from the 1842. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The story can open when Charles sets out on that fateful voyage  young Charles goes even further and concludes that the whole animal kingdom.
  Animal Kingdom (film)

Animal Kingdom (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) His work which proves that it was evolution not the Almighty that created the  animal kingdom.The 1860 Oxford evolution debate took place at the Oxford University Museum on 30 June 1860, seven months after the publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. Several prominent British scientists and philosophers participated, including Thomas Henry Huxley, Bishop Samuel Wilberforce, Benjamin Brodie, Joseph Dalton Hooker and Robert FitzRoy. The debate is best remembered today for the arguement with Wilberforce  asking Aldus Huxley and  his grandparent who claimed his descent from monkey.
  Cover of "Hitched"
Cover of Hitched Charles decides that it is time to get hitched. Find out more about the Storm Breaks in the video below.
The great evolutionist marries first cousin Emma Wedgwood and together they had 10 children.

The film would be, of course, the selling of Darwin’s idea that man has evolved from the animal kingdom. In real life Charles did not dare reveal it to the world for 12 long years after his Origin of Species atheists who support their perception of life and origins. Jack Lemmon as Drummond and George C. Scott as Brady. In thel South of town the school teacher Bertram Cate stands trial for Introducing students to the idea that man descended from the apes the theory by Charles Darwin which the town disapproved.

Charles Darwin and his chimp Jenny dancing to the music of the Rolling Stones.
How about making a comedy film about Darwin the charlatan?
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