Why The Anti-Gun Lobby Is Getting It All Wrong

Anton Goryunov tells a true story from Moscow everything is true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent. From the offshoot the shocking story is clearly based on a   Quentin Tarantino film and happened in London. The trouble happened to a friend of his who did very well in Russia. Anton would have met up with the guy if he had not had the misfortune of what happened next. You will have to go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally to read his story about the events. This is a story about copycat killing of a scene in the film Reservoir Dogs. The reason why Anton starts today's post of with this information is because he has a very strong argument for the Anti-Gun Lobby currently being openly discussed. He points out about the visual argument and speaks about the major points of the argument for you to better understand. This is good because there is no confusion in his words. This post is a must read, check it out and leave some comments about your views on the subject. Let us know what you think about graphic violence in the cinema's and at home on your TV, DVD or games console. Perhaps you have become desensitized by everything and not really sure what to do about it. Quentin TarantinoI am sure you are here to read all about Anton's personal story and as an avid reader of Stirring Trouble Internationally I am equally sure you will want to engage in the conversations over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Just a recap in this post you can read all about certain TV shows, computer games, freedom of expression and people becoming psychopaths in response to the anti-gun lobby arguments going on in congress, Google+  and on the net. Be sure to have you say heard to, listen to Anton's story and find out what parts of the argument need to be understand before reacting and engaging in any conversations. Also find out the mistakes being made by actors stuck in the drug lobby world, musicians, celebrities who cheer legalize dope and what they think how this will work on the human mind. Find out why so many people are just plainly getting it wrong about anti-Gun lobbying.