Rylance’s Psychopath Cripple King Still Brings London’s West End To Its Feet

Sam Brookes writes from London about the west end theatre and some popular examples of popular side shows in the city. West End theatre is a popular term for professional theatre staged in large theatres of London. More commonly known as Theatreland the West End similar to New York's Broadway theatre.

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The West End theatre represents the best quality commercial theatre's in the world. Anyone who has visited the museum of London theatre in Covent Garden will know the historical stories about John Gielgud and Otto Heller and British stars of Shakespeare plays in Britain.

English: Portrait of John Gielgud (Item 2 of 3...
English: Portrait of John Gielgud (Item 2 of 3) by Carl Van Vechten Česky: Portrét Johna Gielguda (druhá ze tří fotografií) od Carla Van Vechtena (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The West End of London contains  major tourist attractions, government buildings, shops, businesses and entertainment facilities another one often mentioned are commercial West End theatres. Back in the 19th century this term was coined to describe fashionable things happening  around and outside the versinity of Charing Cross.

St martins theatre, London
St Martins Theatre, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
More recent strategic planning in the area has meant that international centres in  The West End expensive areas in the world are now for rent mainly for office space. To the west the city is perceived as a historic Roman Mediaeval City and London West End.

A circa 1884 poster for William Shakespeare's ...
A circa 1884 poster for William Shakespeare's Richard III, starring Thos. W. Keene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Rich elite live and upwind in the central part of the crowded City and this is why the west end has been so successful for such a time. Live at the London Apollo Theatre you can watch great actors do their thing for example Mark Rylance London’s West End.

Stage Door sign of Apollo Theatre in London
Stage Door sign of Apollo Theatre in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Central London has a central activities zone area and the City of London in Westminster and Camden, Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Lambeth and Kensington and Chelsea all look forward to watching plays like My Kingdom For A Horse.

West End Theatre Tickets
West End Theatre Tickets (Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos) 
Sam creates contrast by comparing politics and the stage, Living in America and Life in the UK. Find out more about George W Bush and Richard III.

Richard III

What of Roger Lloyd Pack the ghosts of Richard’s executions Roger Lloyd Pack and Peter Hamilton in London’s West End theatre.
Richard III is an experience which will stay long in your memory.
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 Richard III running in London at the Apollo Theatre.
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