That Was Another Week On The British Music Scene – Sunday 24 February 2013

One Direction are a popular band from UK who are promoted on British Music scene right now, their music is selling well and popular music fans really like this type of music. They are a boy band who are very popular and in today's 'that was another week on the British Music Scene for February 2013. Lots of people have been talking about the band and you can find out more about them over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. There you will find some additional information about the popular band One Direction. Here is a list of their most popular songs.

Popular Songs By One Direction

  • Kiss You
  • Live While Your Young
  • One Thing
  • Gotta Be You
Jim Bob's insight:
I have just been reading this article about: Ben Howard CD's, David Bowie and his best selling show, just watched a DVD from Jarvis Cocker http://youtu.be/S_hZ-Z_4ZVg , One Direction, Ronnie Wood, The Brits and more news from the UK music scene.

Ben Howard is a really good musician from Britain lots of his fans want him to sing songs with other artists. They are talking about them him on Twitter quite a lot and it is all quite positive. His new album is called Every Kingdom and it sounds good of what I have heard of it. If you like mysterious folk music then you will like his style. The guitar sound is very simple and his voice is unique with an accent that is difficult to place. Below are a list of tracks on the album. At the Brits he is nominated for some awards and hopes to win a trophy.

Popular songs by Ben Howard

  • Bones
  • The Fear
  • Keep Your Head Up
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