How Chuck Hagel Goofed On The Simple Question Of What To Do With Nuclear Armed Iran

Jan Weatherhead writes a satirical post from Washington about how important cartoon images are to people these days, find out these mysterious government approved messages about Donald Duck Goofy and other characters running the White House.

Iran: Caravanserai
Iran: Caravanserai (Photo credit: Erwin Bolwidt) 

Jan Weatherhead takes another look at Chuck Hagel and what he is saying about foreign policy and defence.

Goofy (Photo credit: titou du Pian)
Hagel BioGuide
Hagel BioGuide (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 
Iran has janitors in Congress, Goofy had no idea before the brief  about Chuck and the situation in Iran.
Hagel at the Senate confirmation has to listen to the President Obama’s  at the Pentagon.

Hagel goofed and stumbled upon answers to questions arising about  Iran with the serious  threats made recently about nuclear weapons you will also find out everything you need to know about  the USSR and the Cold War.
sec of defense confirmation hearings--for chuc...
sec of defense confirmation hearings--for chuck hagel (Photo credit: idropkid)
Will the US get the help it needs whilst in the middle of communications with Iran?

Hagel in iraq
Hagel in iraq (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 
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Donald Duck
The President’s strong position on containment.’

You can also find out about what is going in Iran by taking a good luck at their political structure for example you read read snippets about President Ahmadinejad what happened in  North Korean with poverty and more importantly about  Kim Jong Unand and what he is doing as a patriot.