Guess What Happened: Sir Merv Couldn’t Give More Money To The Banks

Well you will never guess what Sir Merv is up to with his bankroll chums, yes you guessed it for years now we have been keeping you updated on what is happening with Mervyn King and because of this the social signals have been of the charts. We have been trying to get everyone commenting in the one place but everyone seem to be commenting everywhere. If you are reading this on the mobile application let us know how you are getting on or any suggestions how we can improve the way we deliver news to you. The problem here on Blogspot seems to be no one bother s to comment or engage in any real conversations  now don' get me wrong 100+ google blogger subscribers is not something to be chirped at but here is the thing those of you on Blog Luvin are not logging in regularly.

ry and responding to comments I make on your blogs. I am sure you have seen the Eiffel Tower to the right well that is where you can stay updated with things there if you haven't be sure to join. Thanks!

Well anyway here it is here, if you were wondering  'What Happened: Sir Merv Couldn't Give More Money To The Banks' then here is your link, be quick be sure to read and most importantly leave a comment. A post originally shared by Alexander first published over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Stirring Trouble Internationally is a current affairs website with news about music, entertainment, politics and world news. Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.
Source: www.stirringtroubleinternationally.com  February 21, 2013 at 12:47Pm