Iran, Beware! Israeli Air Strike Inside Syria Was NOT A One Hit Wonder

Ossie Makepeace writes from Tel Aviv about Israeli military Intelligence that he describes as NOT being a one hit wonder. In today's post we look at language in the area and also the threats in the area, the different types of weapons described as available.
Captured Iraqi SA-6 Gainful low-to-medium alti...
Captured Iraqi SA-6 Gainful low-to-medium altitude surface-to-air-missiles (SAM) on their transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
    Find out more about the Americans in the Arab areas and the Syrians who have the surface-to-air missiles and patrol Lebanese borders on the look out for Hezbollah. Find out some more about one hit wonders in the area, what this means and the different connotations evoked by mentioning these things.

Support Arabic Language
Support Arabic Language (Photo credit: Beshroffline)
 When the general got back here he told the airforce they had carry out a convoy hit. That’s what this latest strike against Syria is all about. One Hit Wonder was a Californian punk band that made its debut in 1994. SA-4 Ganef surface-to-air missiles mounted on ... SA-4 Ganef surface-to-air missiles mounted on twin-round tracked launch vehicles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Front man Dan Root is credited as playing guitar for Tender Fury,Rik L Rik, Keith Morris Buglamp, The Adolescents, The Vandals appeared in a 1987 movie called Dudes. Randy Bradbury played bass on the first two One Hit Wonder albums, before leaving to join the widely successful skate punk band Pennywise.

Mira Awad (Arab Israeli singer, actress, and s...
Mira Awad (Arab Israeli singer, actress, and songwriter) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
    Good guys think  shoulder-fire and surface-to-air missiles with Hezbollah means Israel is in a threat. The Israelis inside the revolution of Syrian army and the people holding chemical weapons.

Israeli road signs in Arabic, Hebrew and English
Israeli road signs in Arabic, Hebrew and English (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 A one-hit wonder people or bands known for only single success. A term describing music with one hit. These one-hit wonders can be very popular a novelty song for people to enjoy. Pan-Arabism has been described as nationalism and cultural nationalism a ultra nationalist ideology laced with bigotry, racism which traces back to techniques used by Nazi's.

Special forces in Syria are setup to identify chemical weapons in the country. Those special forces are from UK.  Syria: Inside the secret revolution New Radicals and The La's, broke up immediately after their one hit wonder. Arab citizens of Israel the non-Jewish Israeli citizens with an cultural and linguistic arab identity. The vernacular spoke by Arab citizens the Arabic language is an interesting dialect of Arabic.

Fighting in Syria

There is a film from the 90's a documentary called Lebanon which is worth watching its a Maoz  film on his experience as  about a young Israeli at war in Lebanon in 1982. Another popular anti-war movie suggested a few years ago by tabloid papers all the reviews are very positive . In this one hit wonder film you can see  tanks through the gunsight views horizontal and vertical viewing directions with  hydraulic whines and close ups of the gun turrets.

Syria (Photo credit: No Lands Too Foreign)

Iran goes to the polls this spring what this seems to mean according to Ossie Makepeace is that the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Negev Bedouins identified as Israelis rather than Arab citizens of Israel.

syria (Photo credit: themua)

Most of the Arabs living in East Jerusalem and the Golan are not one hit wonders they are happening more and more. You can find out more of the exact details by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and reading the full article.
The Israeli strike to take out Syrian surface to air missiles tells Damascus and Tehran that they mean business.
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