Is Britain Run By A Paedophile Mafia? Because At Times It Sure Looks Like It

This post probes some controversial topics often skipped by mainstream news. The article is by R.F.Wilson from London  who asks some curious questions to unearth a British paedophile Mafia ring.

Oxford skyline
Oxford skyline (Photo credit: FlickrDelusions) 

 The Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal and the publicly funded BBC.

Mafia (Photo credit: joluka)
Is one mainstream example of how news and police have together joined together to solve the allegations and crimes done to member's of the public.

  English: Wasps Making a nest in Virginia Water...
 BBC a wasps-nest of left-wing liberals and  Scotland Yard found nothing wrong with the BBC and blamed the abuse on Jimmy Savile after his death. The Savile sex abuse scandal was handled by powerful people who did their best to limit the news in the public.

  Old Scotland Yard

Old Scotland Yard (Photo credit: paukrus) Similarly paedophile rings operating in Manchester and Oxford and the offenders have been sentenced and sent to jail and that was one of the biggest sex abuse scandal of minors in Britain’s history.

  New Scotland Yard

New Scotland Yard (Photo credit: Leonard Bentley) Prime Minister David Cameron, who found time to get involved in the search for Madeleine McCann had nothing to say  about the paedophile gang operating in Oxford. The media have also relaxed addressing this topic.

Manchester paedophiles

Find out more about the  judges reactions to the abused underage teenagers? Also find out more about historical views for convicted paedophiles, castration and other methods used to tackle these type of problems and find out more about human rights in these type of crazy nut cases.

New Scotland Yard, Dacre Street

New Scotland Yard, Dacre Street (Photo credit: jay galvin) New policies were trying to be  put in place in  10 Downing Street to lower the age of sexual consent to 14 luckily so far this has been rejected by the majority in Britain. These topics are explored in programmes like Emmerdale Farm.

  Whitehall, the royal palace where Oxford wed A...

Whitehall, the royal palace where Oxford wed Anne Cecil in 1571, as it looked a hundred years later. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Under normal circumstances the people who came up with this idea should have been sacked at once for their sick and twisted line of thinking. But I bet they’ll stay on and come up with this same proposal later.

10 Downing Street
10 Downing Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Find out the recent findings by New Labour discoveries of paedophile networks and find out why the topic has had no further follow up to the topics. find out the three things that were covered up in the  Watergate Washington scandal and how we can learn from these things so this type of cover up never happens again. This and much more by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.
Asking: does a paedophile mafia run things in Britain?
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