Not All Mexicans Are Called Pete And Sing Cucaracha. Or Why The US Doesn’t Trust Its Southern Neighbour Much

Mexican drugs
Look what has been leaked in the New York Times this week. It turns out that when Washington found out that Mexico’s General Moises Garcia Ochoa was about to be appointed defence minister.Between the Pentagon, the CIA, the US Drug Enforcement Agency they all suspected themselves of taking kick-backs and missing contracts worth millions. The main concern was that a hand-in- the-cash-till general at the top of the Mexican military could not be trusted in waging a war on drugs. America’s interference in picking members of the Mexican cabinet  in gangland wars the joint operations it’s just an election promise in the wind. Washington wants to carry on as they did before the election, but that’s going to be tough because Peňa Nieto is a PRI man at the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Washington believe that this will determine what happens in the Mexican government. Read todays article to find out more about this interesting topic.