All Of A Sudden A Question Arises: What If President Obama Isn’t All That Cool And Sophisticated?

The Obama loving news media, which constitutes something like 90 per cent of the US media debate , has gone into overdrive, trying to present the disastrous outcome of the first TV debate for their chosen one as a glitch, a one-off, a lucky coincidence in the White House for the Republican challenger Mitt Romney. 
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Dan Majestic writes from Washington: The damage limitation from the fallout that the first TV debate between Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has caused to the current President is in full swing. White House officials and all sorts of people who call themselves Obamawhites are telling anyone who’d listen that their boss and idol screwed up the debate simply because he was too busy running the country and didn’t have enough time to prepare while Romney had all the time in the world.

Cartoon of Barack Obama
Mr Obama: his two best-selling books were always considered as proof of his wisdom and eloquence. But somehow throughout the years the feeling was growing that maybe he had some serious help in writing them. Because it does look odd that a man who could have formulated his vision so articulately in books does not really set the house on fire by his answers to unscripted questions. And that dependence on teleprompters was not really making him look all that sophisticated either. These are just snippets of the Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs you can read the full article if you click here.

The TV Debate

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