Big Western Banks And Businesses Want Communism In China To Stay Forever?

wall street and london
Wall Street and London
Anton Goryunov writes from Beijing: Here is cracking question: would it be wrong to assume that Western banks and big business want communism in China to run for as long as possible. Why? Because it would suit them perfectly and the last thing they would actually want is for China to start introducing serious political and economic reform, wiping out the fat returns on foreign investments that a properly functioning economy never delivers.

In the past decade or so Western media has been very coy about China’s dictatorial ways. What’s even more surprising is that some academics and hacks and even government officials in the West have been saying that China is not a really a communist tyranny but more of a free market economy going through a process of change. The idea is to implant in people’s brains that communists in China are not really communists per se and that there’s no point in putting pressure on them to change their one party system and give political freedoms to their people. Sure, occasionally there comes an article or two in the Western media about China’s unimpressive human rights record, its refusal to introduce political plurality and give people at least some freedom of choice. But these drown in the sea of excited reports about the ‘Chinese economic miracle’ and its emergency as the new superpower. And somehow the vile communist nature of the Chinese ruling regime that stands accused of murdering about 80 million of its people gets lost. Just what the money men and big companies want.
Make no mistake: China is one big labour camp and even though it has introduced a free market of sorts, it’s a distorted free market that is run by the Communist Party apparatchiks who decide who makes money and who doesn’t. Make no mistake: all communist empires fall at some point. And it is really weird to hear all sorts of ‘experts’ on China telling us that the 21st century would be ‘China’s century’ and that it is quickly turning into an economic superpower while beefing up its military arsenals.
In other words, the felling among academics and analysts and commentators is that China currently is a sleeping giant that is about to wake up and start kicking butt and dictating its terms to the rest of the world. And the funniest thing of all is that the Chinese communist leaders themselves have actually fallen for that scenario, believing that world domination would be their thing in a couple of decades or so.

Well, they are wrong, the academics, the experts and the Chinese communist leaders. China has about as much chance of becoming a superpower as Zimbabwe, because the so-called Chinese economic miracle exists mostly on paper, lovingly prepared by the statisticians on the ground who report to local communist bosses and add a zero or two here and there, to keep their jobs safe. Not to mention that by civilised standards the Chinese economy is closer to feudalism rather than to capitalism.

China’s economy is starting to slow down, compliments of the financial crisis brought on by the greedy bastards who run banks. The pressure within the country is mounting and the communists are feeling the heat, with infighting at the top getting out of control. The best scenario for everyone would be for China to start a process of real reform and stop playing this farce with the supposedly booming economy that benefits the majority.
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