British Mainstream Comedy Is Dead. Compliments Of The PC Brigade And Their Beloved BBC

Michael McIntyre
Michael McIntyre
Ben Delicious writes from London: It’s no laughing matter: after a long illness caused by political correctness and left-wing bias British mainstream comedy has died in its sleep, surrounded by all the usual suspects who have made it bland, irrelevant and unfunny. The death was not announced officially, to avoid panic among the masses who still seem to think that comedy in Britain is alive and kicking, packing stadiums and large concert halls and laughing hysterically at flat jokes or any F-word or C-word thrown at them.
The BBC played a crucial role in killing off British mainstream comedy. It’s left-wing bias prevented it from making any decent comedy series and its so-called ‘satirical’ shows resembled promotional material for the Labour Party, with comedians having a go at the Tories most of the time even though they were in opposition for most of the time this century.
audience laughing
Audience laughing
The big problem with comedians in Britain, both stand-ups and sit-downs and ones who show their mugs on the box with frightening regularity, is that there are still people out there who laugh at what they say. I’ll tell you a little secret: comedians use swearing to squeeze a laugh out of their audiences. They know that people would laugh at anything if there’s an F-word inserted in there, time after time after time Billy Connolly is one example Ben uses in his article about comedy and satire on television. 
And once PC becomes overwhelming in comedy, out of the window goes political satire. Yes, political satire in Britain died when that chancer Tony Blair and his New Labour commissars weaselled their way into power. It was as if a power break had hit comedy the moment that creep walked into 10 Downing Street, with comedians refusing to have a go at the government and cracking jokes solely at the expense of the opposition. And the same goes for the current ridiculous coalition of socialists, who pose as Tories, and the Liberal Democrats, who are just about as fit to be in government as a bunch of nutters who’ve escaped from a loony bin. And yet the comedy crowd is being soft on them. Why?  Just you wait till this lot causes some serious damage to Britain.
No political correctness

These are a collection of extracts from an article published earlier today Oct 4th 2012 at Stirring Trouble Internationally- (A humorous take on news and current affairs).