Does Obama Really Want To Be President Again? Not Sure

Tired Obama

Jan Weatherhead writes from Washington: It is clear that Barack Obama has had enough. He’s tired. He doesn’t really want to be President anymore. He has even considered he may have failed.
This doesn’t mean Republican candidate Mitt Romney is about to get a free ride down Pennsylvania Avenue. But there’s a whiff of hope in the Republican camp. Romney’s getting the pollster points, especially when Obama said during their last TV debate that Romney was right and that he, Obama, had not fixed the deficit as he said he would.
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama - this is the big one

Obama should have been able to handle these figures in Denver. He could not. He stumbled, his mind some place else. News Just In from Afghanistan? Wall Street

Barack Obama gives every tweak of body language of a man drained of his own belief that he could fix it. Can he do it on November 6? 

Yes, or yes maybe, he can.