Berlusconi’s Prison Sentence Must Have Sent A Shudder Down The Spines Of Politicians

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to 4 years in the slammer for fraud?


R.F.Wilson writes from Rome: Would it be too bold to assume that many of the former political leaders in Europe and beyond had a shiver run down their spines when they heard the news that  I bet some of them thought: what if I go down like Silvio?

Former British PM Tony Blair must be worried sick these days, having heard about his friend Silvio’s predicament. Tony has got the black cloud of the Iraq war hanging over him and the possibility of the knock on the door in the early hours is still very real for him. 

And George Bush, ex US President, is in the same boat as Tony, probably getting a nervous pang in one of his buttocks from time to time.Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French leader, might be anxious as well, having heard about Berlusconi’s sentence. And the Libyan connection might pose a problem for him as well, with his rumoured involvement in organising Colonel Gaddafi’s death.

And how about the former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodrigues Zapatero, does he have anything to worry about as he ponders on the fate of Berlusconi? Well, José did leave a gigantic mess in the Spanish economy, having squandered a lot of money on useless social programmes, to keep himself in power. And as everyone knows, when a government screws the economy while helping the money men to get away with murder it usually has something to do with all sorts of money transactions between off-shore accounts.

Worried faces

Bertie Ahern, the former Irish Prime Minister, may have a restless night or two as well. Bertie stood down from his job under very unusual circumstances too libelous to mention here so he might just be thinking on hearing about Berlusconi’s verdict.

Former Greek politicians must be especially worried by the prison sentence given to Berlusconi.
East European countries are notorious for their corruption among top politicians, but traditionally they get away with it, blaming their corrupt practices on the bad old days of communism.

But don’t forget the current political leaders as well. One day they will step down, like it happened with Silvio, and their immunity from prosecution will go out of the window. Berlusconi’s Prison Sentence Must Have Sent A Shudder Down The Spines Of Politicians A post originally shared by Alexander first published over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Stirring Trouble Internationally is a current affairs website with news about music, entertainment, politics and world news. Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.