Celeb Victims Of Phone Hacking

Hugh Grant

Ben Delicious writes from London: You have to hand it to Hugh Grant: he’s not particularly good at anything, including acting, yet he has managed to become a celeb and is now basking in the limelight as a crusader for the rights of victims of phone hacking. Hugh, as luck would have it, was also hacked by some detective from the now defunct News of the World

Since it became public knowledge he’s been all over the news, talking passionately about press intrusion. Other witnesses, in case you have forgotten, included such other moral crusaders as Charlotte Church, Jude Law, Steve Coogan and Alastair Campbell.

The irony of the whole situation is that many of the victims of hacking made a career out of manipulating the media, leaking facts about their private lives to hacks, to get the so much needed attention of the public. But they disliked the fact that hacks would occasionally report about their not so glamorous sides, damaging their public image and hit their wallets directly.

Lord Leveson
Lord Leveson
By now it has become pretty clear that Lord Leveson, who ironically was appointed by David Cameron to head the inquiry into media standards, is a leftie with no understanding of how the media works.
What Lord Leveson and the rest of the lefties miss out altogether is that the press and the media generally should be tapping into phones of bent politicians, crooked bankers and big businessmen and crime lords, if it is dictated by the interest of an investigation into their wrong doings. And celebs, who use the homely family image to make money, should be targeted as well if they behave in a way that has nothing to with the supposed public perception of them.

So the whole investigation into the media standards was wrongly conducted from the very start. Not to mention that the man who was appointed to head it should not have been there at all. Even as a witness. These are extracts from the main website over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.

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