New Albums: Bloc Party – Four

Bloc Party - Four

New Albums: Bloc Party – Four

Freddie Matthews writes from London: Bloc Party have been making music together since 2003 and their début release Silent Alarm came out in 2005. Musically Bloc Party fall into the indie and alternative genre. There are a few mentions of rock but that word should be used ‘very’ loosely and certainly only for their faster, edgier songs and most definitely not with any mallets or head banging in mind and NEVER with leather and devil horns. 
Frontman Kele Okerekewas now firmly into the electronic scene, as his future solo singles would affirm, while the rest of the band just didn't get it. There was a serious division in the band about which direction their music future should lie.

Kele Okereke

When Bloc Party’s 5-year record deal ended, lead singer Kele was quoted saying the band had no industry obligations or pressure. The fourth album was on an indefinite time-scale  News like this wasn't good for Bloc Party fans the world over and subsequently the band broke up in 2009, with the members unsure as to whether they’d ever reform again. 
The new Bloc party album Four was released on the 20 August 2012. If you’re into the indie music scene then Four will already be on your shelf/Mac/PC/Laptop /iPad/iPod or in the Cloud, or wherever on whatever. These again are just extracts from Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.

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