he Nobel Peace Prize To The EU Makes Perfect Sense

Anton Goryunov writes from Oslo: Ok, ok, so who’s going to collect the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the European Union that got the award yesterday, as announced by the chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee Thorbjoern Jagland.
Thorbjoern Jagland
So that you know, good old Thorbjoern is also Secretary General of the Council of Europe, which probably explains why he came up with that brilliant idea to award the EU for its outstanding contribution to peace, stability and happiness of millions in the post WW2 era and after the collapse of communism. As he said in his statement, Europeans should do everything they can to secure what they’ve achieved and move forward, keeping the EU intact so as not to lose out in the future.
So what I’m saying here, ladies and gents, is that if you thought that Mr Jagland was nuts and needed treatment, you’d be wrong. He is a cunning little weasel who knows perfectly well what he’s doing. All the three big wigs are now making all sorts of politically correct noises, saying what an honour it is for the 500 million people living in the EU. Yeah, sure it is, a huge honour. In 2011 Thorbjoern kept his PC streak going, awarding three feminist chicks, two from Liberia and one from Yemen, of whom no one had ever heard before, the Nobel Piece Prize for standing up for women rights in their respective nations.
EU headquarters
The point about the Nobel Peace Prize is that it had been discredited ages ago, losing its relevance completely when in 2009 it was awarded to former US Vice President Al Gore and, laughably, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. That was the end, really, the final nail in the coffin. They might have just as well turned it into a spoof prize and gave it to stand-up comedians and domestic animals. And why not, if it is now awarded to people, who have done absolutely nothing to deserve it, and to huge monstrosities that should have never been in contention at all. These extracts are from a post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.

English: Nobel Peace prize Concert 2008, Oslo ...
English: Nobel Peace prize Concert 2008, Oslo Spektrum, Iver Kleive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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